Instant 19 year – get a cheap 300-600 $ loan with a four month payment

Quick Tip is one of the first things people think of when they run out of cash. Even a 19 year old can get a quick nip. Good Finance grants its borrowers a quick loan of USD 300-600. The loan is granted for a four-month loan period with four monthly installments.

The loan can be applied for by any borrower resident in Finland who is 18 years of age and has a clean credit history.

Who Lends?


The 19-year-old quick leash is awarded by Good Finance Money Consumer Finance, whose brands include Good Finance. When you go to the loan application through the link on the Titan website, the Loan application process opens as it is the same loan product.

Good Finance Money Consumer Finance Ltd is a trusted company that has been active in the financial industry since 2011. Good Finance Money Consumer Finance Ltd is part of the Good Finance Money Group.

Who Can Apply For A Loan?


When seeking a quick tip, the requirement is 18 years of age, a permanent address in Finland and a clean credit history. In addition, the loan applicant must have a Finnish bank’s domain names and a Finnish mobile phone subscription.

Unfortunately, a loan applicant who has lost his credit history cannot be granted a loan. Good Finance follows a responsible line of credit, so no credit will be granted to a borrower with a defaulted payment. A payment default entry can appear on a person’s information for up to years. However, you can recover your credit history by paying off your debt according to a payment plan.

Use caution when seeking a quick tip. Even though the quick release is based on the basic principles mentioned above, applying for a loan is not wise if the income is really low. We can also deny a loan application if the borrower has no income other than, for example, unemployment or study grants. It is difficult to repay a loan if you only have a few hundred a month. Instead, defaulting on a loan causes serious problems. The lender suffers a credit loss and the borrower loses his credit history.

What Does It Cost?


Of course, instant leashes are more expensive than bank loans because the lender of the instant lender takes a higher risk when granting a loan. Collateral is not required to obtain a quick lien, and if the borrower does not intend to repay the loan with costs, a credit loss is recorded for the lender. For a borrower, defaulting on a loan can lead to loss of credit information, the consequences of which are often far-reaching.

The nominal annual interest rate applied for on the Good Finance website is 19.90%, plus an account management fee. Depending on the loan amount, the account management fee is 1.25 – 1.83 $ / month. The concrete example illustrates the price of a quick pin. For example, if a 19-year-old borrower is granted a $ 400 quick-release loan, the cost of the loan over a four-month loan period will be USD 25.13, which means that the total repayment amount will be USD 425.13.

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