Online Loan Legitimization – Opportunities for Borrowers


Anyone that wanted to make an online mortgage on the Internet has not been dealing with the particular checking procedure. The looking at procedure is used for the safe personal identification of individuals and is carried out on a web site in a post office by the workers.

This method can be used to ensure compliance with the Cash Laundering Act. The checking out procedure is used for the impersonal legitimacy check, because banking institutions are required by law to determine the identification of the customer when asking for.

The previous strategy also always time used on borrowers

Previous approach also always time spent on borrowers

However , this particular previous approach also at all times time spent on borrowers, as you have to visit the post office individually and the delivery of the mortgage documents at the bank nevertheless takes time. Of course , all this has an effect on the duration from the loan application, meaning that it required longer for the borrower to really have its money in the particular account.

However for quite some time now, there is also a shiny spot for the future, especially a far more convenient online solution: the particular so-called online legitimacy. Although hardly any banks offer this choice, we would like to bring the topic nearer to you. Online legitimation is really a fast, secure and easy way to verify your identification from your home computer.  

Online legitimation through Skype

Online legitimation via Skype

For example , in case a company uses WebID Options GmbH for online legitimation, a Skype account as well as a webcam will be required for the particular borrower. Of course , the mobile phone or the tablet PC with Access to the internet and integrated camera can be utilized. The applicant must create a video call via Skype ip telefoni with a specially trained worker of WebID. During the movie call, the identity cards must be presented legibly, both front and the back.

This requires a good picture quality of the webcam. Meanwhile, the employee checks if the ID card date fits the date specified within the application. If the employee will tell you the identification of the candidate, he will be sent to COLOR by email or TEXT MESSAGE, which he then enters on the internet or sends back to the particular employee by email.

Online legitimation through scan

Online legitimation via scan

With the private identification solution of Cybits AG [verify-U] can be identified by effective online registration at the firm also online in accordance with legislation. Subsequently, it is sufficient to give the scanned identification paperwork for the cooperating banks meant for visual inspection. This can become done simply by email, MMS, fax or letter.

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