Types of American Express credit card

The American Express franchise offers a variety of credit card categories to the Mexican public. To learn about the types of American Express credit card and its benefits, continue reading this article.

American Express Credit Card

American Express Credit Card

American Express is an American financial institution, which among its various credit card franchise services. Their cards have an outstanding presence in the international tourism sector, so they are especially suitable for travelers.

In Mexico, no bank issues the card so it must be requested directly with them.

American Express cards, except Blue, shield a period in which the credit granted does not generate interest. Then, if you do not want to finance a purchase, you just have to cancel the amount of the purchase, before the end of that period. This rule applies exclusively to purchases, so it excludes cash advances.

Types of American Express credit cards

Types of American Express credit cards

American Express offers different categories of credit cards, each one oriented to a particular segment of the market.

Basic American Express

This is the basic category of American Express and provides benefits that exceed the equivalent of the competition. It offers a great insurance plan, which includes the repair or replacement for accidental damage, including international purchases.

American Express Aeromexico and Interjet

Earn miles for traveling on these airlines.

American Express Gold

This credit card provides a larger credit amount than the Classic one, as well as some extra benefits. Among these benefits is a travel insurance package and discounts in restaurants and hotels in Peru.

American Express Gold Elite

It is a Premium card that makes available a personal assistant 24 hours a day. In addition, it offers great benefits of great utility for those who make international trips.

American Express Platinum

It is another American Express Premium credit card designed for a segment of high purchasing power. Designed for the international traveler, it offers a great miles accumulation program called Benefit Miles.

American Express The Platinum Card

American Express The Platinum Card

This is the most prestigious of American Express credit cards and the one that offers the highest profits. Its exclusive benefits make it one of the most prestigious credit cards worldwide. This card is only obtained by invitation of American Express.

Accumulate points that are redeemable and that can be used for purchases or payment of balances.


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