5 facts about Sofi Stadium not seen on TV


Even though Sofi Stadium has been open for a full NFL season, few fans have had access to the new digs. Fortunately, the author of this article was able to get there and get an in-depth look at what Sofi Stadium will be like when fans arrive in droves this fall. Here are five facts about the stadium that one could only know from a visit in person.

Facts about Sofi Stadium

# 1 – Lots of construction

While the core of the stadium is fully completed, there is still a lot of construction going on in the surrounding area. When visiting Sofi Stadium in June, there was only one open street entrance as the other entrances were used for construction. It remains to be seen if construction will be completed before the start of the season this fall.

# 2 – The lake in front

Approaching the Sofi Stadium, it’s impossible to miss their artificial pond. The pond is located between the parking lot and the entrance. Benches line the outer edges of the pond. At the edge of the pond closest to the Sofi Stadium, there is also a waterfall. Overall the pond wouldn’t look out of place in a city park, but that’s just a feature of the Sofi Stadium.

# 3 – The Sofi Stadium says “the campus”

Most consider Sofi Stadium to be a stadium. However, when they are on site, the stadium and surrounding car parks, parking garages and various lounges are referred to as “the campus”. While many will continue to refer to Sofi Stadium as “the stadium”, those inclined to prove their knowledge may call the stadium “the campus”.

# 4 – No benches

Anyone who has seen enough sports matches has sat on a bench for a game. Anyone who has sat on a bench for an entire game will agree that the experience is poor and quite painful compared to a simple chair. Rest assured, there are no benches at Sofi Stadium. Even the seats farthest from the action have a chair form factor.

Sofi Stadium
Sofi Stadium

# 5 – Comfortable seats at all levels

The most fundamental aspect of any stadium experience is comfort. Why pay to watch a game if the experience is more uncomfortable than watching at home?

The Sofi Stadium nailed this aspect. While Executive Suites and Lounges offer upholstered leather seating, regular seating is almost as comfortable. There is no padding in the middle seats, but there is plenty of legroom. Imagine a legroom similar to that of a car. Each seat also receives a cup holder.

As a caveat, please note that the writer has not personally visited the nosebleeds. That said, he was able to see from a distance and the seats appear to be comparable to mid-level seats.


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