Casting and new dates announced for BRILLIANT MIND at the Marin Theater Company


Today, Marin Theater Company and Storykrapht announced the casting of Brilliant Mind, the revolutionary live and interactive digital experience created and written by an Egyptian-American playwright. Denmo Ibrahim.

Brilliant Mind will perform from May 18 to June 13, 2021. Single tickets ($ 30) are on sale now at or by phone at the MTC ticket office at 415-388-5208. Media performances will take place on Thursday, May 20 (7 p.m. PT), Friday, May 21 (7 p.m. PT) and Saturday, May 22 (2 p.m. PT).

When Dina and Yusef learn of their father’s death, they return to their childhood home to bury a man they never knew. Will brother and sister face their truths once family secrets are revealed? Inspired by true stories from first-generation Americans, Brilliant Mind takes a close look at generational trauma, the struggle between self and family, and the weight of legacy. It is an exploration of gender politics in immigrant communities and the ever-present challenges between tradition and culture. It’s a story of hope, of what gets lost in translation and what happens when we dare to love unconditionally. In this extraordinary live, interactive digital experience, Brilliant Mind explores the family bonds that unite and break us, the healing that comes through death, and the acceptance that our parents do their best – the rest is up to us.Co-produced by Storykrapht, an international production company that is disrupting live theater in digital landscapes, and Marin Theater Company, whose mission includes promoting new artists and innovative new theater, Brilliant Mind is a new kind of live theater. engaging – an experience that integrates rich family drama into a bespoke digital platform where real-time performances blend with cinema, 3D worlds, text messaging and audience agency. Denmo Ibrahim (‘Dina’), the cast of Brilliant Mind includes actor and writer Ramiz monsef (‘Yusef’), world famous Egyptian actor, producer and director Kal Naga (‘Samir’), and actress and founding artistic director of Golden Thread Productions Torange Yeghiazarian (‘Hala’). Brilliant Mind’s creative team – a creative collaboration across five continents, seven countries and four US states, including Denmo Ibrahim (she / she), creator and writer; Marti Wigder Grimminck (she / she), Digital and Interactive Design; Kate bergstrom (she / they), direction of the story; Johanna Frank (she / she), New Play Dramaturgy; Ahmed Ashour (he / him), Cultural dramaturgy; Gilbert Chamaa (he / him) and Zeina Salame (she / she), Contribution to history; Nihan Yesil (her / her), composition and sound design; Maya Nazzal (her / her), costume design; Matthew boyd (he / him), Cinematography; Corwin Evans (he / him), Editing; Christopher Morrison (he / him), Narrative design; Faouzi Ghodbane (he / him), interactive programmer; Amine Karoui (he / him), Full Stack Javascript Programmer; Fatma Karoui (she / she), Full Stack Javascript Programmer; Minjun Kim (he / him), digital and interactive assistant; Enoch Chan (he / him), Film Production Advisor; Miguel Peña (he / him), cinematographic sound engineer; William Stafford (he / him), COVID film supervisor; Mayou Roffe (her / her), film script supervisor; Marc Lenahan (he / him), Swing film production assistant; Penelope Gould (she / she), Hanna Margulies (they / they) and Ariella Wolfe Maurer (she / she), research assistants; Rachel Head (she / she), associate producer; Nakissa Etemad (she / she), producer, MTC; Sara Huddleston (she / she), production manager, MTC; Executive producer: Storykrapht.


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