Companies donate funds for televisions at Redbud Park in northern Topeka


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Two companies have donated to purchase televisions for the Redbud Park pavilion in NOTO’s arts and entertainment district in North Topeka, it was announced on Friday.

Donations came from the North Topeka Walmart store and Topeka Electric Motor.

In a press release, NOTO’s arts and entertainment district officials said community grants Walmart and North Topeka Walmart awarded $ 500 towards the purchase of a television to be installed in the pavilion.

Topeka Electric Motor has announced that it will match the gift for the purchase of a second TV.

“During the construction of Redbud Park, the pavilion was wired for two wall mounted televisions,” said Thomas Underwood, executive director of the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have the funds at the time to buy and install them.

“As we offer more and more activities this spring, the value of having televisions is evident.”

While shopping at North Topeka Walmart, Underwood said, he asked an assistant manager about donations.

Underwood said he was directed to the Walmart Community Foundation webpage. Within weeks, he was informed of the reward.

“The donation was enough to buy a television,” Underwood said, “but we needed two, so I reached out to our friends at NOTO, individuals and businesses who are members of the NOTO organization to announce the giveaway and request a match. “

Within an hour, Stan Martindell, owner of Topeka Electric Motor Repair, reached out to Underwood to suggest the match.

“The NOTO Arts and Entertainment District is one of the best things to happen in Topeka,” Martindell said. “I am proud to support it.

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