Fox News Runs Disclaimer During Trump’s CPAC Speech

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I don’t know how former President Trump did it, but he’s finally reached the point where even Fox News is tired of his bullshit.

On Sunday, the former president’s favorite porn channel ran a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen during the one-term president’s speech on election fraud at the Conservative Political Action Conference, also known as Republican freaknik.

“And now, it’s also because I got more votes, 75 million, than anybody in the history of the presidency, and far more than Clinton, far more than Obama, and a record 12 million more than 2016,” Trump said in what has become his go to line about how the election was set up for him to fail, the Hill reports.

“Think of it, in the history usually they go down a little bit second term and they win, but they go down a little bit.”

It’s all bullshit and even Fox News, aka Republican OnlyFans, was tired of it. Instead of running its normal chyron at the bottom of the screen, Republican SpankBang ran a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that said, “Slim lying like shit.”

Fine, it said: “Voting system companies have denied the various allegations made by President Trump and his counsel regarding the 2020 election,” the Hill notes.

Some of this might have to do with the fact that the voting machine company Smartmatic filed a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News Media for spreading Trump’s bullshit claims about election fraud. Fox News responded to the claims in April, noting that the case should be dismissed.

“The press does not lose its protection if the allegations are disproven; instead the reporting is part of the truth-seeking process,” Fox New Media argued in its response to the lawsuit from Smartmatic, the Hill reports.

“That is why virtually every media outlet in the country covered the President’s election-fraud allegations without fear of being sued if they were disproved in court. Smartmatic’s efforts to erode that bedrock constitutional protection are dangerous and should be rejected.”

But Fox News wasn’t seeking the truth, in fact they were, and always have been, merely spreading the lie until they got called on it. Here is hoping that Smartmatic takes them for everything they are worth.



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