Jomboy Media launches the Chris Rose Football Show with CJ Uzomah


Jomboy Media continues its foray into content outside of baseball with a new podcast featuring Chris Rose and New York Jets tight end CJ Uzomah.

The Chris Rose Football Show with CJ Uzomah will be released “every few weeks,” Rose said, during football season. This is Jomboy Media’s second football-focused podcast, following the launch of Talkin’ Giants in 2019.

“Chris Rose helped us build our legitimacy early on as a business and is the obvious solution to expanding Jomboy Media’s reach into national football coverage,” said Jomboy Media founder Jimmy O’Brien. . “As a host, Chris knows how to get the best out of the players. Just as he proved in baseball with the Rose Rotation, he will take us on a fascinating journey this season with CJ Uzomah, whom we are proud to host. in the Jomboy Media family.

A video version of the podcast will also be appear on youtube.

“Our goal is to pull back the curtain and show what pro life is really like during an NFL season.” Rose said. “How does it feel to be the new kid in the big city?” How do you build momentum as a player week after week after your wins? Or change course after losses? CJ has proven himself as an NFL player, but I want fans of all teams to appreciate who he is as a person as we navigate the ups and downs of a season together.

A podcast was something Uzomah was interested in and is glad to have found an outlet.

“This podcast is a way for me to express myself outside of the game that I love and get to play at a professional level,” the eight-year NFL veteran said. “It gives me a platform to talk about football as well as interests outside of sport. We’re going to have a hell of a good time.”


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