LisaRaye Announces She’s Created an OnlyFans Page


Actress and Cocktails With Queens co-host LisaRaye McCoy announced on Instagram that she’s joined the list of other celebrities with an OnlyFans page.

During the video post, another woman is heard in the background encouraging LisaRaye to post more content about her everyday life as the actress adjusts her hair. After telling LisaRaye that her fans want more personal content, she throws out the idea of the co-host creating an OnlyFans page.

“I actually could get with that because I promise you when I post on Instagram – by the time I scroll through all the haters and the negative people and the naysayers and the folks that got some kind of negative opinion or whatever, it makes me exhausted,” LisaRaye replied. “So then it’s like ‘let me just post what I need to post,’ but I think you gotta idea there because I got all this content. And all this little special stuff and behind the scenes stuff that I wanna do but it makes me feel like I don’t wanna put it on Instagram because it’s like they all have something to say. So if I could have a place that only my people come to, only my fans, only my likes, only my members, only my people that mess with me…you know what? I could do an OnlyFans page.”

After she and the unseen lady emphasized that she’ll be posting “everything” on the new account, LisaRaye directed viewers to the link in her Instagram bio. She added that she wasn’t leaving Instagram but followers were just going to “get what you get, what you’ve been getting.”

LisaRaye hasn’t posted anything on her new OnlyFans page but the monthly subscription price is $20.


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