Transform Magazine: Butterfly Cannon Designs Visual Identity for New Luxury Brow Salon – 2021


With locations in Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf, luxury eyebrow salon, The Browery, sought to launch a line of products. To do this, she worked with London-based creative agency Butterfly Cannon to craft the tone of voice, packaging design, visual merchandising point and brand guidelines for the range.

Butterfly Cannon saw the opportunity to shape the brand’s identity around the personality and personal touch of the founders, sisters Amira and Rada. The agency has centered the creative approach around the juxtaposition of the personalities of the sisters, one of which is more creative and the other more strategic.

Both personalities are reflected on the pack in the subtle details of the finish, where the raised waves meet the strong structural lines. The discreet tactility continues through the interior decoration of the salon, where visual merchandising is the icon of the “front” of the brand.

This duality runs through the entire visual identity: there are two weights in the type of logo and a mixture of serif and sans serif typography for product names that cut straight to the point. The centralized branding balances the gravity created by the formal structure with a softer tone that comes with the personal touch of the “by Amira and Rada” line.

The rose-nude color scheme aims to match the founders’ emphasis on real, natural beauty, contrasting with black for a more urban touch and teal accents for more energy. Product-driven photography centers long shadows on textured natural stone backgrounds in an effort to create drama and vibrancy. The duality of the sisters is reflected again in the reflections and distortions of the faceted glass and mirrored surfaces and in the models that always pose in pairs.

“With their work on our packaging and our brand identity, Butterfly Cannon perfectly captured what The Browery is: real people and real connections. Our brand is now fully realized but remains true to us and to the fraternity we have built ”, say Amira and Rada

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